Oliver Richters

Stock-Flow Consistent Models

This page by Oliver Richters contains some material on Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) Models. SFC models are a family of macroeconomic models based on a rigorous accounting framework, which guarantees a correct and comprehensive integration of all the flows and the stocks of an economy. For an introduction, see:

  • Wikipedia in English or Deutsch
  • Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie: Monetary Economics, Palgrave Macmillan, New York 2012.
  • Michalis Nikiforos, Gennaro Zezza: Stock-Flow Consistent Macroeconomics Models: A Survey. In: Journal of Economic Surveys 31(5), Dezember 2017, S. 1204–1239, doi:10.1111/joes.12221 (Preprint).

Workshop in Siegen

In May 2017, a gave a workshop on SFC models at Siegen University. Some materials for download: